How It Works: Members

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Sign up for free and tell us a bit about you and the kind of activities you'd be interested in hearing about. We'll then email you to confirm your membership. 

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Take a look at the activities that our Members are creating to see if any interest you. If any do, you can join them and we'll confirm your place (or if it's very popular, a spot on the waiting list) by email. If not, you can create a new activity.


By joining/creating a new activity, you'll able to connect with people who have a similar interest to you. If you are part of the early stages of a new activity's creation, you'll also get to have your say about where & when it takes place.

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New activities only - once you've submitted your request to create an activity or joined the early stage creation of one, we'll forward it to providers. We'll then get back to you with the best quote. If you want to proceed, we'll lock in the date, time, location and price and send you a link to pay & confirm your spot.

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Your activity is ready to go! All that is left is for you all to meet up and do the activity. We'll create a WhatsApp group so that you can introduce yourself to the other attendees beforehand. If you'd prefer not to, you can opt out of this.


Let the provider know how much you enjoyed the activity. This helps us to understand who provides amazing activities which we'll use when taking future activity requests from other Members. Your group then decides whether you want to do the activity again, either as another one off or as a block of sessions.

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