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Sign up for free and tell us about the kind of activities you'd be able to deliver to our Members. You can tell us about your experience (we are open to any amount!) and where are ideal locations for you to do it. We'll then ask you to verify your account with a copy of your passport/ID card and DBS certificate (if you have one).

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Our platform works a bit differently to others - Members advertise the activities they want to do rather than providers putting up adverts about what they can offer. So when Members create a new activity, we will look at the brief they've set and if it matches what you said you can deliver & where, we'll alert you. You then fill out an e-quote and we'll see who fits best.


You've been chosen to deliver an activity! We'll help you confirm the time and date with the group and assist if you need any help with finding a venue. The final price is then set and we will take the payments from the participants.

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We'll create a WhatsApp group so you can introduce yourself to the participants. This can also be used for any logistical organisation that's required on the day.

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You deliver your activity to the group and they have a great time (obviously!). As long as the session was delivered as stated we will release the participants' payment for the activity to you. From this, we will deduct our commission, which is 12%.

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Finally, the participants will give you and your activity a review. This helps to inform decision-making about who is best placed to deliver an activity in the future. You can use this feedback to perfect your skills and continue delivering amazing experiences. The group then decides whether they want to do the activity again, either as a one off or block of sessions.

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